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Kipor Power

Kipor Power is a professional manufacturer of digital generators, heavy duty generators and heavy industrial machinery.  At Kipor you’ll find a factory with over 90,000 sq meters and high-end assembly lines, more than 2,000 employees, a responsive research and development division, and a strong global sales market.


Kipor’s mission is to grow their company by providing high-efficiency innovative solutions to meet the global customers’ requirements for “Low Carbon” products.  Throughout Kipor’s 12-year history they have continually invested heavily in research and development to keep KIPOR at the cutting edge of innovation.


KIPOR produces four series of over 400 models and most have achieved international safety and environmental certifications among them CE、EPA、CSA、and UL.   Part of Kipor’s huge success is the fact that they’re always looking for the next innovative idea. They continuously search for new materials, techniques and systems that will help them build better products and offer customers even higher levels of service and performance.